All roads lead to England

In conversation with someone today about how complicated it is here with registering a motorhome + small car + trailer, and going through the yearly updates on those, and not having a fixed address in Spain, and paying tax on absolutely everything, the answer became clear:

Buy a (left hand drive) motorhome, Smart car and small trailer in the UK!

It’s entirely possible, and sooooo much less hassle. I won’t be asked to move those to Spanish or other plates, as I will never be more than 6 months in a given spot.

Genius. It’s quite a relieve to think I won’t have to deal with the Spanish paperwork no more. And as it happens I spotted a great motorhome in Leeds, fully kitted and ready to go, with everything I need, at *just* over my budget (always is, isn’t it?). Seeing that I am in the UK this weekend, I think I can work in a stop in Leeds. Done, flights changed. (And I never knew I could fly Leeds Bradford Airport to Heathrow, to get my Barcelona flight.)

To ensure I remain entirely sane, I’m hiring a local lawyer to assist with the private sale of my car (now advertised online locally and attracting some attention).

Yes, it’s that complicated.


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