I’ll pick up the motorhome next week!

The banker’s draft from the car sale cleared, then I saved myself a whopping €941 in dodgy bank rates and fees by using TransferWise (can’t recommend them enough) and suddenly my UK account is looking quite healthy.

That will obviously be short-lived as I still have to pay for the motorhome. Pick-up is next week Friday, I’m very excited.

Whilst I’m technicaly scaling down, I bought a lot of stuff…..not limited to:

  • A portable / small clothes washer and spinner

I have no idea what this splash of water is about, sorry!

I’ve learned from my camping to date that the washing machine token at campsites for the communial washing machine tends to be expensive, and you don’t know when it will be available, you have to remember to take your stuff out soonest it’s done (or others will) etc etc. Having this one with me means I can wash the odd underwear/t-shirt/shorts very easily and then perhaps do my larger items at the laundrette. It already arrived and it’s really cool. Very lightweight and does the job just fine.

  • A new mattress. The motorhome has the standard Hobby split mattress in there which, although good, is 10 years old and the split mattress is not that great for me. I got the same one I got for my caravan, a nice memory foam mattress that I know will be super.
  • Lots and lots of 12v items. Won’t bore you with the details but will do a post on that for my techie friends. Let’s just say I’ll be wired!
  • A new pedal bike with electric assistant motor built-in, very cool.

Hard to believe it’s an electric bike. The battery is built into the frame. I’m opting for a combination of the bike and this:

And yes, that’s for Olli, when I go longer distances, but it’s also for groceries, and especially heavy items like water. So hence the electric addition to the bike to help me 🙂

  • Two pop-up tents. I have very good blow up mattresses and these tents will instantly give me two “guest rooms” when people come visit. You are welcome.
  • A range of new camping goodies, including a new set of pegs, a trolley to move things about etc.

My caravan, which went to Hungary this week, got a bit of an emotional sendoff from me (she was really good to me!)  but I’m happy I sold it to a friend there. I pretty much only kept the very good ground sail I had hence the new set of camping goodies.

The plan is to fly Barcelona – Leeds/Bradford next week (Jet2, low cost, eek!), stay the night and have the Friday morning with the dealer doing the hand-over, then I can spend the weekend in Suffolk, before heading out back to Spain! And the first trip is already booked! The May/June term break in Terragona with the McArdles…but this also means I have to be out of my apartment by 27 May, and I have a Lisbon trip 14-17 May to work in as well.

Why make it easy, right?


Published by riaanvs

Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

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