I packed way too much stuff!

This week I took the motorhome for a test run in Terragona, with the McArdles, who rented a bungalow at the same campsite.

The most obvious thing I soon realised was that I packed way too much stuff. And the awning “tent” that comes in two big bags, weighing a ton and taking up half the garage, must go. The same with the “portable” air-conditioner. And the subwoofer and desktop speakers. What was I thinking?!

Luckily, the storage space is just outside Barcelona so I popped in there after dropping the McArdles off at the airport, and dumped a load of stuff. And wow! The difference not only in space in my garage (the bike now actually fits) but also the way she drives. Much better.

I also learned that the “two man” tent I got for guests (over and above extra bed in the motorhome) is too small for the very nice blow up mattress I have. So I got a slightly bigger pop-up tent, but I also put in storage all the extra fillings one need to make the guest best in the motorhome. No need. If you are visiting me, I’m putting you in the tent outside! I promise that will be comfortable and a lot less hassle than making the second bed.

Then I left Spain and am now on the road to Bulgaria. It’s a long drive (2500km) and I’m taking it in stages, obviously.

Tonight I’m staying near Nice, in a campsite in town, near the coast, and tomorrow I’ll head for Treviso in Italy, where my friend Andrea lives. It will be good to see him, and I can also find a Fiat mechanic to look at what seems to be a leaking aircon problem, and a few other small items I’d like to fix. Nothing major but if I can find someone suitable for that in Treviso, I’ll happily spend an extra day there!



Published by riaanvs

Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

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