Pieve di Soligo, Italy

Pieve di Soligo is near Treviso, in the upper North-East corner of Italy. It’s where my friend Andrea lives and I went to visit him on the trip to Bulgaria. Wow! I’ve been before but I forgot how amazing this region is. It reminds me terribly of Stellenbosch in South Africa, since it’s also a mostly wine region, with plenty of smaller winemakers who welcome you to their farms with open arms and a chilled glass of Prosseco at the ready.

Screenshot 2017-06-11 21.30.23

The Prosseco this region produces is legendary, and you can buy some from as little as €3.50 a bottle (if you know where to go and what to ask for!). Most of the times you also get to meet the actual wine maker, which is pretty cool.

This guy has an “honesty” snack bar stocked with good ham, cheese etc and people come from all over Italy to eat there. He also has wine vending machines, right there in the vineyard, with plastic chairs and table strewn about so you can help yourself. Pretty amazing!

We also got to eat at some legendary places like Ciao Bei, where the (very rich, but very prudent) owner is there, serving clients himself and excusing himself to “go wash the dishes”. His food was unreal, and he insisted I took a bottle of his home-made Grappa home with me.

The food overall was absolutely amazing. In most cases very simply prepared and offered, but with incredible taste and exceptionally well priced! Most meals were under €20 a head including the every present jug of Prosseco.

I also had the opportunity to have Rayquaza undergo some extra attention at a legendary local mechanic, Lorenzon Carlo, who did the most amazing job with the camper’s suspension and a few other pieces. She drives like new! He’s now my offical mechanic for the yearly services. I also stocked up on a few other Fiamma bits and pieces and of course, a few cases of Prosseco!

If you ever get to visit this part of Italy, make sure you stop over at Pieve di Soligo and spend a few days. There are plenty of small boutique hotels and B&B’s, and you will not regret it!

Full link to the photo album here.


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