The Balaton life

It’s been a month since I posted on here but that’s me keeping to my previous post’s promise that I’m here to take some R&R here at Lake Balaton, in Hungary. And that I did, though there’s been plenty of work and I’m pleased to say my running has received some very serious attention – I managed more than 240km in July alone, averaging 10km a day, six days a week, and making sure the 10k’s come in ideally under 50 mins, but given the heat, in most cases around the 54min mark. I’m well pleased with that.

Olli and I also had some serious bonding time, and he’s thoroughly loving the Balaton visit again. He is now better known in the campsite than me – he’s made a lot or friends.

I’ve also had plenty of trials with my DJI Spark, a drone which I had my eye on for some time, and made the swift decision during an unplanned trip to Sofia to get at Munich airport. I’m well pleased I did, and shout-out to Till Carlos (and thanks for the visit!) who pushed my decision on that purchase over the edge. He’s patiently waiting for my first video, but I’m still learning the ropes with the drone. And I’m not ready to upgrade my WordPress plan just for the preview videos!

The bike + trailer I got has turned out one of my best buys ever. I’ve now done more than 550km in it and it’s superb to transport Olli over long distances, or do the shopping (or to Olli’s dismay, sometimes both). I’m up north now near where Edd and family is staying and could do a 20km there / 20km back trip to them without much fuss. It’s fantastic. The little electric engine in there just gives me that bit of extra assistance with the trolley – you still have to peddle hard – but it helps and I’m well pleased with it.


The buggy is also a great basket for Olli if I’m stopping somewhere where he can’t come in, and it’s well ventilated on all sides. Best of all, it folds totally flat and is quite light, so perfect for Rayquaza!

I’m staying at Balaton till end August when the work gets back to full swing and I’m kicking it off with a quick work trip to South Africa then, out of Budapest. Then I’ll route back to the UK via Italy again and will be UK based, but traveling out to Asia and Australia via air during October. Till then, the R&R continues, ideally!


#IAmLucky #AlienInEurope


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Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

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