Back in the UK for a bit

Germany kept offering more motorhome stopover gems and Koblenz did not dissapoint. The motorhome parking in this city is on the river, and you are spoilt for choice of walks and things to see. Koblenz is where the Moselle and Rhine rivers join and the river is actually very active, making for some interesting and entertaining sights as the boats come by.

I would most certainly like to come back to Koblenz!

After that Olli and I routed quickly through the Netherlands to catch the overnight ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich, and we are now parked at the house of a friend’s relative in the remote riverside village of Waldringfield in Sufffolk. I’m required to do 14 days of self-isolation and it can’t be much easier than doing it here!

Olli is familiar with the garden and surroudings here and I can tell he’s enjoying it despite the heavy rains to date which stopped for a while today allowing for a fantastic spell of sun.

Seems we did some good mileage in 2020 despite the pandemic, if Google is to be believed.

Anyway – the plan is to stay for a bit and ideally escape to the warmer weather of South Portugal before the winter really kicks in, provided there is not another lockdown!

Keep safe.

Published by riaanvs

Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

One thought on “Back in the UK for a bit

  1. De foto van Olli , liggend met zijn kin op raamkozijn, zijn blik, zo mooi, genieten.
    Hopelijk de zelf quarantaine snel voorbij
    Groetjes uit het (te) warme Turkije


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