Turkey remains full of surprises

I’ve not written on here for some time – but during that entire time I’ve remained in Turkey, spending much of my time wildcamping along the south coast.

If at the start of my trip here I thought Turkey was a great motorhoming / wildcamping / get-away-from-the-madness destination, then all of that has been reconfirmed for me and I can with a lot of certainty say Turkey is one of the best destinations to explore in a motorhome.

The scenery can be quite simply, incredible.

Sunrise on Demre beach

Wildcamping is allowed, even encouraged in Turkey and water is readily available. On the spot I’m now – Mavikent Beach – there is even a toilet. And it’s all free. My solar setup has proved it’s worth and I am essentially living off grid, all the time now.

I also as of late now see more foreign campers and this weekend alone I met explorers from Switzerland, France and the Netherlands whereas before I hardly saw any foreigners. And we all swop notes on great places to stop at, or provide spare parts or tools where needed – what a great community the motorhomers are!

Mavikent Beach

Olli is doing well and even had his updated Rabies shot here in Turkey, and he is loving the freedom of our walks here. He’s still getting used to all the dogs running freely but they are quite respectful of “home” dogs and tend to keep clear.

Post walk nap

I’ve now extended the legality of my stay in Turkey by getting a foreigner ID card (Ikamet) and can stay for now till June – I’m keeping an eye on the season in Europe to see if they will open for the summer before I cross back over into Bulgaria, but I can always extend my stay in Turkey if I wanted to. One thing I know is, even if I leave, I will be back! Turkey is a very special country indeed.

If you are on instagram, I suggest you follow me as #rvnomading there – I now post photos almost daily there.

Published by riaanvs

Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

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