It’s been a while since I gave an update – after spending quite some time in Bulgaria sorting out my vaccinations and getting an EU vaccination certificate as well, I thought it best to try and put it to the test…Greece and Bulgaria were both early adoptors of this certificate and I’ve always wanted to explore Greece a bit, so off we went, over the high mountains the separate Bulgaria and Greece.

The crossing took around 4 hours as they carefully checked all certificates and tests results (I did not need this, only the certificate) but once we crossed the border it became very obvious how breathakingly beautiful the Greek landscape is.

It’s very common to see lavendar fields in Greece.

Our first night was a wildcamping spot in a tiny seaside village where I engaged in quite a bit of conversation with an old sea captain who spoke really good English, and had some interesting stories to share. He was hoping to convince his wife to let them take up motorhoming when they retired, but from the sounds of it, I don’t think that’s going to happen…

It was apparent how hot and humid it was in Greece, I followed the road towards Sithonia, a peninsula south of Thessaloniki, based on multiple recommendations from fellow motorhomers, and I could see why they raved about it. It is a fantastic area to explore and even the very first, random campsite I choose was one of the best I’ve very been to – it felt like I was on a resort in Mauritius or similar, it was spectacular and offered some very good sunsets as well. Well done, Areti Camping!

Despite the heat we pressed on – one of the reasons why it became important to stay at campsites rather than wildcamping was to have access to enough power to run the airconditioning, especially for Olli as I could see he was suffering. He normally stays well out of the water so I know it’s hot when he decides to wade in!

We tried a few other spots and stayed in the small town of Kalamitsi for a few more days but then it became apparent we need to leave and seek cooler spots as it started to become unbearable. But what incredible views we had:

We’re now near the port town of Igoumitsa and hoping to get a ferry tonight from here to Ancona in Italy. I took the “camping on board” option despite some horries stories of being squeezed in between lorries – I’ll try and go early to get a good spot, but it means Olli and I can stay in the motorhome for the 15 hour crossing. The plan is then to go see my friend Andrea in the north of Italy, get the motorhome service done, stock up on Prosecco and see if I can then get over to Hungary to my usual summer camping spot on Lake Balaton. Fingers crossed they let us in!

Making some other than dog and cat friends for a change!

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Me and my dog Olli, full-timing it in a motorhome from UK to Turkey, all year long. The adventure never stops.

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