I am a South African with dual British nationality. With original Dutch roots somewhere deep in my history, my love for Europe and hate for what is happening in the world of Brexit, I do feel like an Alien In Europe, yet I feels most at home there.

My YouTube channel is here and you can find me on Instagram here.

An avid travel enthusiast, I’ve been working in the travel industy all my live and fullfilled a dream when I managed to turn a start-up software as a service offering into as succesfull business with my best friend Edd.

I’ve been outside of the UK, mostly in Spain, for a bit now but now I’ve started another dream – full-time touring a motorhome through Europe, and becoming a true Digital Nomad. I have my trusty side-kick in the form of Olli, my Beagle/Jack Russel, now 7 years, who is more than ready to join me on this adventure.

This blog is there to track my journey and share that with you.

Thank you for reading.


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