There’s more to Bulgaria than Sofia and Plovdiv!

I’ve been in, and through, Bulgaria many times. I even have a business based in Plovdiv, but I’ve never really spent much time in Bulgaria. Plovdiv is also very convenient as a stop before you cross over to / from Turkey, and after that, if coming back from Turkey, I would usually head for Sofia,Continue reading “There’s more to Bulgaria than Sofia and Plovdiv!”

Turkey remains full of surprises

I’ve not written on here for some time – but during that entire time I’ve remained in Turkey, spending much of my time wildcamping along the south coast. If at the start of my trip here I thought Turkey was a great motorhoming / wildcamping / get-away-from-the-madness destination, then all of that has been reconfirmedContinue reading “Turkey remains full of surprises”

Exploring Romania, Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast

After my (shorter, thanks Covid) summer holiday in Hungary this year I ventured out to Plovdiv in Bulgaria where I had some paperwork to do. I decided to route via Romania and explore a bit off the beaten track. My route followed the Serbian border and I went to a camp at a lake inContinue reading “Exploring Romania, Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast”

Tesa Autolevelling for my motorhome

I’ve always been very keen to get an auto-levelling system installed in my motorhome but I’ve been put off by the high cost and weight of the default hydraulic systems. I saw an electric solution developed in Italy called Tesa and contacted a few UK dealers about this, but they were all quite booked upContinue reading “Tesa Autolevelling for my motorhome”