There’s more to Bulgaria than Sofia and Plovdiv!

I’ve been in, and through, Bulgaria many times. I even have a business based in Plovdiv, but I’ve never really spent much time in Bulgaria. Plovdiv is also very convenient as a stop before you cross over to / from Turkey, and after that, if coming back from Turkey, I would usually head for Sofia,Continue reading “There’s more to Bulgaria than Sofia and Plovdiv!”

Exploring Romania, Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast

After my (shorter, thanks Covid) summer holiday in Hungary this year I ventured out to Plovdiv in Bulgaria where I had some paperwork to do. I decided to route via Romania and explore a bit off the beaten track. My route followed the Serbian border and I went to a camp at a lake inContinue reading “Exploring Romania, Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast”

Wonderful Gouda, Holland

We’re back on the road again! With the travel restrictions finally being lifted, Olli and I left from Harwich in the UK late last night on the overnight ferry to Hook of Holland in the Netherlands. I like coming on that route as it’s close to Suffolk where I’m usually based when I’m in theContinue reading “Wonderful Gouda, Holland”