Moving an apartment into a motorhome

The drive down from England to the apartment just outside Barcelona gave me great confidence in the motorhome. There are a few small items I’ll have to get a local garage to take a look at (wiper blades, a few external light bulbs, topping up the air-con and some dust on the suspension) but nothingContinue reading “Moving an apartment into a motorhome”

I’ll pick up the motorhome next week!

The banker’s draft from the car sale cleared, then I saved myself a whopping €941 in dodgy bank rates and fees by using TransferWise (can’t recommend them enough) and suddenly my UK account is looking quite healthy. That will obviously be short-lived as I still have to pay for the motorhome. Pick-up is next weekContinue reading “I’ll pick up the motorhome next week!”

First few days without a car

The car sale eventually happened on Friday. I had a few panicky moments where at the Gestor, raising eyebrows and rapid discussions over items in the contract made me think it won’t happen, but it’s just a Spanish thing it seems, they were just discussing some rather minor detail whilst making it sound like theContinue reading “First few days without a car”