The car is going, going …

A short update. After an endless viewing of my car which included a rather long lunch at the beach, the guy (and his wife) offered me a rather good price, shook my hand and then the paperwork fun started.

But we’ve progressed quite well and I received a deposit today, cancelled the online ad and preparing for the handover (after a few signatories on a few pieces of paper no doubt) of my beloved car.

So we’re getting there! I’ll celebrate when I’ve transferred funds to the dealer in Leeds to pay for the new motorhome.

By the way, should I give her a name?!


Found my motorhome!!

So I did the journey to Leeds, and went to see a really friendly, 75-year old (“been doing this for 59 years!”) guy called Stephen, to look at a motorhome that was advertised on a trade site, and looked really good.

I spent 3 hours there in the end, most of it just sitting in the motorhome and thinking about working in it, living in it, touring with it etc, going through all the various issues I faced doing that in the summer months with the caravan.

The number one conclusion I came to is that I can do it, but I will have to be absolutely lethal with my minimalist approach and what I take with me (very little) and what I get rid of in my flat (almost everything). There is not much space, and I also don’t want to load her too heavy.

But that’s a good thing!

I ended up paying a (non-refundable) deposit, requesting a few small fixes/wiring changes etc and now I have one major mission: sell my car! I’ve now gone for the private advertising option on a local Spanish car site and have a very interested buyer coming tomorrow. If all goes well, we can do the deal on Tuesday (after Easter) and I’ve appointed a local “Gestor”, a type of administrative service supplier, to do the deal. This is Spain after all, there’s a wee bit of paperwork to be dealt with. At least this way I know all will get done.

So fingers crossed the buyer falls in love with my car tomorrow. Then I can pay for the motorhome, find a Smartcar + Trailer, and co-ordinate the entire move of motorhome, Smartcar, Trailer etc back to Spain into the parking slot of my caravan, which should be moved end of April to a buyer in Hungary.

And then there’s the small matter of me clearing out my apartment as well. Wow, it’s going to be a buys few months, most of it, if all goes well, without my car. I guess I can use the Smartcar here but it’s not much of a transporter of goods 🙂

Here she is….it’s a 2007 Hobby 650 (same make as my current caravan, so I know the quality of the build) and I’ll have to get used to mostly 12v (as opposed to caravan which was mostly 220V plugged into “shore” power). You can obviously plug in the motorhome but internally most things still run off 12V.

sdrShe’s in great shape. Some small wear and tear but no signs of rust, major damage or things like that, and great to drive (6 speed manual). No cruise control which I’ll have to get used to!

Big queen size fixed bed at the back above the garage, shower, toiler, basin, kitchen with gas hobs, gas cooker, full size fridge/freezer, and a nice table / seating area. I spent ages working out where my big wide screen will go, but it will fit! I also worked out where my tech stuff (4g router/IP phone etc) will go. It should all fit.

On the flight home I drank a glass of champagne to celebrate this first step, and the gods must have approved since it gave me an amazing sunset on approach into Barcelona.


So it looks like I’m on the right track. #DigitalNomad – step 1, check.


All roads lead to England

In conversation with someone today about how complicated it is here with registering a motorhome + small car + trailer, and going through the yearly updates on those, and not having a fixed address in Spain, and paying tax on absolutely everything, the answer became clear:

Buy a (left hand drive) motorhome, Smart car and small trailer in the UK!

It’s entirely possible, and sooooo much less hassle. I won’t be asked to move those to Spanish or other plates, as I will never be more than 6 months in a given spot.

Genius. It’s quite a relieve to think I won’t have to deal with the Spanish paperwork no more. And as it happens I spotted a great motorhome in Leeds, fully kitted and ready to go, with everything I need, at *just* over my budget (always is, isn’t it?). Seeing that I am in the UK this weekend, I think I can work in a stop in Leeds. Done, flights changed. (And I never knew I could fly Leeds Bradford Airport to Heathrow, to get my Barcelona flight.)

To ensure I remain entirely sane, I’m hiring a local lawyer to assist with the private sale of my car (now advertised online locally and attracting some attention).

Yes, it’s that complicated.


A slight delay. Really, in Spain?

I went through the motions of trying to sell my car with a local “we buy any” company. I know, I get less money, but in theory, they take care of all the paperwork and make it easy, right?

Hmm. It turns out I’m missing *1* piece of paper, which is not really required, as without it, I could not get the other papers I have, but they insist. Why? Because that’s what it says on their forms. And then I got so annoyed with them insisting on this, and telling to go to the traffic ministry to get it, that I told them to cancel the sale.

Upon which they said they can’t, of course. Well, I can.

I also took the motorhome I had my eye on for a test drive. It’s a lot noisier than my car! But that’s to be expected. It’s a nice drive, but I’m concerned about the van’s age and plenty of signs of rust on the exhaust, undercarriage and supporting legs. I’m not sure now about this van.

Also, I need to consider if I’m putting this in my brother’s name, or transfering my local NIE registration to a friend’s address (as I won’t technically have an address) and all that jazz.

So yes, June is looming but now that I’ve made the decision to not rush into the motorhome, and pushing my car for a quick sale, I feel much better. With the help of my friend Ruben here in Castelldefels we’re going to list the car online and I’ve also contacted a UK company that specialises in buying Spanish cars. At the very least I’ll get a couple of grand extra, which can go towards the motorhome costs.

Two steps forward, one step back!

The Decision Has Been Made

I’m going to get rid of all the stuff in my apartment life and move into a motorhome, and see how long I enjoy that before I crave for my own place again. The plan is to tour Europe, and work from the motorhome and enjoy the freedom of movement I’m unsure I’ll get post Brexit.

A combination of factors drove me to this decision but it’s mainly something I’ve always wanted to do, and really, why postpone!

From a business perspective, it’s obvious that a Spanish business is not the way to go. So I’m looking at the more innovative Eastern European countries and I’m likely to make Plodiv, in Bulgaria, my official base. It’s tax friendly, easy to create a business there and in closer proximity to our developers who are based in Serbia. So Bulgaria it is.

The car is being sold. I have it till tomorrow only. I thought I’d really be sad about it, and it’s a super car etc, but hey, it’s only a car. If I miss it too much, I’ll get another! For now, it’s an assett turned to cash that I can use to finance the motorhome.

I’m trying to get a Spanish registered motorhome and small car, as I have local papers but wow, paperwork. I won’t moan too much but I’ll celeberate when it’s all in place.

The one I have my eye one is great, albeit a bit on the old side, but it’s sort of a perfect size/space/layout combination for me, and of course, Olli. He’s in, already, as you can see.


The plan is to set off mid- June. I have a lot of stuff to get rid of, and a ton of things to sort out. I’ll keep you posted here.